DIY Autumn/ Halloween Mantle Decoration

It's fall! Such an enchanting season. It's been chilly in Northern New Mexico and I got some inspiration to decorate my mantle with some Autumn/ Halloween vibes.

You can of course decorate anywhere in your house you'd like! Entryways, dining room tables, whatever you fancy! In this blog I'll be showing what materials I collected and showing the before/after of my witchy-inspired mantle.

I got some inspiration from Compost and Cava, and the images directly below are theirs and helped with material ideas!


Firstly- I cleared and cleaned up the fireplace. I find it's much easier to be inspired when you start with a completely blank canvas!

Next, I gathered up my materials! Luckily, I've got a fair amount of witchy stuff sitting around my apartment. You could always go on a walk and get some leaves, twigs, or flowers to add. A quick trip to the thrift store for jars and fabric could also prove helpful.

Some of the first materials I reached for were some dried flowers I had received at my friends marriage. Babies Breath, dried roses, and eucalyptus are great options. I also had a nice piece of driftwood, but some larger stemmed twigs and branches would have been cool too! I also got a piece of plain white cloth to drape.

I chose some of my favorite "spooky" tarot cards, with spiders, snakes, or skulls. Luckily I love collecting divination materials- so I laid out some runes and such.

Then I got some of my favorite crystals to tuck in, amethyst, quartz, and selenite. I  had some big jars of herbs around, sleepy time tea and licorice root from my fathers garden. I got an empty jar and ripped up a piece of paper to write an ingredient a witch might use. I chose "mugwort", mostly because I didn't want "eye of newt" on my mantle haha! I taped it to the jar and just put some dried leaves in there.

I also chose these stunning Beeswax Candles from Folk and Lore. They smell amazing, so sweet and warm. When they are lit they shine like tiny suns. This weekend (9/29-10/1) we will have them in the shop for 15% off :)


Next up, assembly!

Here is what I came up with!

I think the draped white fabric does a lot to the scene! It especially brightens the darkness of the brick mantle.

NOTE! Please be careful of lit candles around fabric and dried materials. NEVER leave them lit unsupervised!

Here are some of the details-

I love this tamborine that reminds me of a moon :)

Beautiful beeswax candles and witchy herbs.

Orbs, dried flowers, and tealight candles.

I noticed in the inspiration photos, there were a lot of levels. She used books to add dimension to the collection. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of books at the moment, and the ones I do have aren't antique looking at all. I turned the books so the color of their spines wasn't showing, leaving the beige paper, a bit more neutral.

I will likely keep adding to this display as Autumn continues, collecting little bits and pieces from my walk and tucking them in :)

I would love to see if you come up with an Autumnal display! Feel free to show us if you decide to try something like this.

Thanks so much for reading, and make sure to snag some stunning Beeswax Candles while the sale still lasts.


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