Salon Stockists

We are pleased to carry our products at the following salons:

- Teal Flamingo in PDX

- Stranded Hair Studio in Seattle

- Prisma Hair Co. in ABQ, NM

- Painted Pony Salon in ABQ, NM

- MOTIVE Hair Group in ATX

- Hand and Mirror Studio in Richmond, VA

- Body Politic Hair Studios in Richmond, VA

- Ceremony Salon in Athens, GA

- Frankie Fay Salon in Marietta, GA

- Fur Hairdressing in Schenectady, NY

- The Alchemists Salon in Albany, NY

- Dawn Salon in South Boston, MA

- Moon Baby in Salem, MA

- Salon B in Dartmouth, MA

Please note that each location may carry only a selection on products, and might not be fully stocked at all times :)