Plastic Tax

Plastic Tax is one of four Payback to The Planet Programs designed and implemented by
Small Businesses for Big Change, of which we are a Fungi Tier Member.
A self elected amount from each sale containing a virgin plastic item is donated to earth-minded efforts.
So every time you purchase a Shag Spray- a certain percentage of that goes towards a cause you can feel good about.
Each year, SBBC collectively agrees upon 3-4 organizations to support as a group.
These organizations center around environmentalism and sustainability, as well as social justice issues for intersectionality.
These organizations rotate every quarter and are often tied to relevant calendar events like
Earth Day, Native American History Month, or Plastic Free July.
In 2021, we were able to raise over $3,000 together to give to reforestation, honey bee habitat, and ocean conservation efforts.
Stay tuned in 2022 to see what earth-minded efforts we will be supporting! Find out more information on SBBC on instagram, here.