About Us

Hi! I'm Ruby,

The woman behind Rabbit Brush Goods.
I'm a musician, herbalist, & maker in Portland, Oregon.
I'm originally from Utah & spent my childhood in the high deserts of the Rocky Mountains, where Chamisa (Rabbit Brush) grows. 
I am constantly inspired by the land, and consistently expand my sustainability efforts to reflect that in my business. 
Rabbit Brush is organic, non-toxic & cruelty free,
so you can feel good about looking good.
I started Rabbit Brush in the summer of 2019,
beginning the line with our signature Dry Shampoo.
I have been using this formula on myself for years,
originally creating it when I recognized the need for a natural, non-aerosol Dry Shampoo that was dark enough for my hair.

The line has expanded, and will continue to grow with your support!

Thank you for choosing small batch, sustainably made, natural products.



If you have any questions or need any help, do not hesitate to reach out to me at rubyoland@gmail.com