About Rabbit Brush

Rabbit Brush Goods makes non-toxic, cruelty free & organic hair care for everyone!

Radically understandable & accessible styling products made in Portland, Oregon.
We strive to educate customers on the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in most store bought beauty products.
Rabbit Brush also curates a small collection of clean beauty items from women owned businesses including makeup, skincare & perfume.
Rabbit Brush is committed to environmentally friendly practices.
We use biodegrading-able packing peanuts & plastic free tape on our packages.
Our goal is to create non-toxic, high quality hair products that everyone can feel comfortable and confident using.
Sustainability & environmental consideration is at the core of our business-
we continually adapt & improve our practices to reflect that.

We commit to these values by:

-spearheading SBBC (small businesses for big change) dedicated to helping small businesses implement sustainable practices
-donating over 1% of profits from plastic items to conservation & reforestation efforts
-donating to politically relevant topics on a case-by-case basis
-recurring monthly donations to bipoc bail out funds & organizations
-adopting plastic free shipping & biodegradable shipping materials
-using recyclable glass packaging
-offering refills & bottle returns

We are inherently:

- feminist
- anti-racist
- environmentally conscious
- transparent about ingredients, process & sourcing
- supportive of other small businesses, especially femme owned enterprises