Rabbit Brush is committed to environmentally friendly practices.

We use biodegrade-able packing peanuts & plastic free tape on our packages. Our boxes from EcoEnclose are 100% post consumer recycled and recyclable. We also work with TerraCycle to recycle any plastic film or bubble wrap that we cannot reuse.

We are also happy to be a member of SBBC (Small Businesses for Big Change).

SBBC is an ever growing collective of small business owners who are:

-dedicated to making your dollar count towards real change.

-passionate about sustainable & Earth-minded products

-committed to eco-responsible practices and approaches.

By establishing easy and customizable Pay Back to the Planet Programs,

SBBC empowers business owners who are ready to join a like-minded community in taking a step towards more environmentally sound practices.

These programs focus on:

-Reducing waste

-Reusing packaging

-Donating money to organizations actively working to reverse the damage done by decades of plastic disposal.

SBBC believes that working together towards a unified goal is the best way to make an impact- for the organizations we partner with, as well as for each other. Working in community provides an opportunity to offer support, wisdom & council. Through this exchange of ideas and experience, we encourage each other's development and the continued innovation of sustainability practices.