DIY Rose + Green Tea Facial Toner

DIY Rose Petal + Green Tea Facial Toner

Whenever I am done with a cosmetic product, I love to repurpose the container. I don't have to purchase a new one, and it saves resources that would likely end up in the landfill.
This blog post will show you how to reuse a spray bottle with an atomizer top- like the one our Shag Spray comes in & create your own natural facial toner with Rose + Green Tea.
I first made this toner a couple summers ago with the roses blooming in our garden, and it made the toner a gorgeous reddish color. We kept it in the fridge and it was such a nice refreshing morning or afternoon pick-me-up. I recommend keeping it in the fridge to improve the longevity of the toner. 

Here's what you will need:

-A glass bottle with an atomizer top

-Witch Hazel (can be found at most health food stores in the beauty section, or here. Witch hazel is a staple in my cabinet and is an amazing astringent for skin, fighting acne, infection, inflammation & irritation.

-Vitamin E serves as a natural preservative & a moisturizer. It's super anti-oxidant rich! You can also find this at a health food store, or here.

-Organic Green tea, either in bags or in loose leaf. If you don't already know about the amazing benefits of green tea (internally & externally) I would recommend looking that shit up! I'm using Trader Joe's because it was in my cabinet but I recommend this company. 

-Loose rose petals. If it's possible to collect these yourself, that's ideal! But I know thats not too easy. I got my rose petals from my friends farm in California! I love getting my herbs from here, a local Portland company. But there's also these, although they are from India (still pretty good quality!

-You will also need a jar with a tight fitting lid to infuse the rose petals in, and 1 week of time to do so :)

Supplies needed

Step 1

Take a fist full of rose petals and add them to a clean jar. Pack them down gently & add the witch hazel on top of them, just barely covering all of the plant material.

Infuse these together for a minimum of 3 days, ideally a week or longer. Swish & shake daily! 

Step 2

After your rose petals are done infusing, strain them out with a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth & compost them. You should be left with the rose infused witch hazel. This can also be kept in your medicine cabinet to be used on a cotton ball & small scratches.

Step 3

Make a cup of green tea! Boil water, let it sit for about 3 minutes and then pour the hot water over the green tea & steep for 3-4 minutes. Let it cool.

Step 4

Combine these two liquids in a separate container, in equal parts. You might have more liquid than will fit in your 2oz bottle! Lucky you! Give some to a friend or keep a refill jar in the fridge.

Step 5

Add 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil to your 2 oz bottle, and top the rest of it off with your green tea + rose witch hazel potion. Shake well!

Add some essential oils if you'd like! Rose, Lavender, or Tea Tree are all great :) 

You're all done!

Keep your toner in the fridge for longevity, and enjoy daily!

Here is my toner from a previous summer!

Have your tried this recipe? Let me know how you liked it and send me a picture! Email

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