DIY Spiced Sweet Orange Body Scrub

Make your own yummy salt scrub with clove, cinnamon & sweet orange oil.

We were brainstorming some fun DIY recipes and came up with this super sweet and simple body scrub
that is perfect for warming yourself up this time of year. 

Heres what you will need:

- Epsom Salt (or sugar!)

- Dead Sea Salt (or a similar coarse salt like Himalayan)

- Carrier oil (we used sunflower but jojoba or coconut oil will work too)

- Clove & Cinnamon powder

- Sweet Orange Essential Oil (other citrus oils should work too!)

- Optional! Citrus Zest

- Container! We used the 2oz glass jar that our Dry Shampoo comes in! Perfect for upcycling.

- Big Mixing Bowl


- Mix together 4 Tbsp Epsom salt & 2 Tsp Dead Sea Salt or similar coarse salt. 

- Add carrier oil until desired consistency is reached. We added about 2 Tbsp. 

- Add about 1/2 Tsp of each Clove & Cinnamon powder. Feel free to start with a little less and add as much as you'd like :)

- Drop in about 5-10 drops of essential oil! The sweet orange oil is a lovely choice for this blend but I could also see grapefruit or lemon being nice!

- Mix well & add to jar! Easy enough, right?

This recipe yields about 4oz by volume.

Perfect for exfoliating before shaving or whenever you need a bit of a sweet refresh! Have you tried this? Let us know how you like it!


 This blog was inspired by the Container Reuse program designed and implemented by Small Businesses for Big Change.

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