Hand Poured Candles! Upcycled Container, DIY Holiday Gifts

Have an empty container around that needs some attention?

Make some candles! Perfect to cozy up your home or give these hand poured candles to loved ones for the holidays!

Use empty food jars, old mugs, or cute cups from the thrift store!

You'll need:
- Container (preferably glass) we are using 2oz Dry Shampoo jars & 9oz glass jars.
- Soy Wax or Beeswax
- Wicks
- Essential Oils (we used orange & patchouli for one and pine & rosemary for the other)
- Something to hold the wick in place (chopstick, paperclips, etc.)



Make sure you have utensils that you're okay getting all waxy! The pot, the spoon and everything that the wax touches will have to be boiled off- soap will not wash it off. This process is a little messy! Lean into it, but make sure you are prepared. 


Step One:
- Get your wax pot, and add the wax! If you don't have a specific pot to sacrifice for wax, you can use a double broiler system. Add water to the bottom of the pot, and then add a glass container to add the wax to. We used a mix of Soy Wax & beeswax, but you can use just one or the other.
- Melt the wax entirely. Don't add the essential oils! If you add them while the wax is too hot, they will lose their scent intensity.



Step Two: 
- Take a wick, and dip the end into the melted wax. Put the end in the center of the container, pressing down with a chopstick to stamp the wax down to the glass, securing the position of the wick. Wrap the wick around either a chopstick or bent paper clip (as shown in image).


Step Three: 
- Once the wax has cooled quite a bit, but has not solidified add your essential oils! You will need quite a bit for the scent to come through the wax, so maybe use oils that are on the more inexpensive side, and that have a strong scent. Citrus, Pine and Rosemary are all good options! Add at least 30 drops. More like 50-60.


Step Four:
- After stirring- pour the wax into the containers! Make sure to have something down so you don't pour wax onto your counter! Maybe some cardboard. Let cool overnight or at least 6 hours.



Step Five: 
- Trim the wick and light that baby up! Have a lovely cozy time for yourself. Or draw a lovely label on it and give to a pal! Wrap some twine around it!



Have you made candles before? Send us some pictures if you try this out!


This blog was inspired by the Container Reuse program designed and implemented by Small Businesses for Big Change.

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