MICA: A Stylistic Dilemma

To sparkle or not to sparkle - that is the question!

A couple of our main products here at Rabbit Brush, the Dry Shampoo and Shag Spray, have mica in them. And when we say its been quite a discussion, we mean it! We've had people from all over the place with different situations chime in, and as a small business, we want to make sure everyone is heard, happy, and enjoying their purchases.

That being said, it's been a tough time totally getting rid of the sparkle!

As with most very important dilemmas, there are pros and cons to the situation, as well as folks that back those sides.

With our mica dilemma, the pros are pretty simple: it doesn't mess with the formulas, it sets us apart, and it's just FUN! For the most part, the sparkles aren't super visible to the passing glance, but very beautiful in the bottle (especially the sprays, I mean look at it).

However, there are some very real cons: allergies, certain jobs not allowing sparkles (big bummer), maybe not gender affirming for some, or some just don't like it and it's not their style!

So, we feel strongly about coming up with a solution that suits all parties and doesn't make the behind-the-scenes of our business get too scrambled. 

We've decided to give you the option!

On single products like the Shag Sprays and the Dry Shampoo you'll see an option to say 'no thank you' to mica. However, on bundles it'll be a little more tricky, but still possible! At check out, write a note if you'd like your bundle to be mica free and we will happily accommodate that.

One note on our end is that currently if you order a mica-free option, the label will still say mica. But fear not, the sparkle has been removed for you! Maybe eventually we will be able to provide accurate labels for both options, but for now, we hope you understand.

We thank you for letting us know your opinions all this time, and hope that you'll enjoy a less glittery option!


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