Eco-Friendly Block Print Holiday Wrapping Paper

Waste less + get creative this Holiday Season!


I'm sure you probably had an inkling that the holiday season creates a lot of waste material, but did you know that Americans create 25% more trash from Thanksgiving time to New Years compared to any other time of the year?


In fact, around 2.3 MILLION POUNDS of wrapping paper ends up in landfills. Big yuck, not cool. A lot of the wrapping paper you see with glitter, ribbons, and a shiny appearance is more than likely not recyclable - and even including it in your bin of recyclables can make the whole load end up in the landfills, and we don't want that. 


Luckily, there are alternatives that can be super fun, and still add flare to your gift giving!




We decided to spruce up kraft paper by using my hand-carved blocks, which is a great way to personalize your gift. Of course, you can always use any stamps you fancy, draw directly on the paper, or even spruce up some newspaper, that can look cool too!

If you're looking for an eco-friendlier version for these stamps, we recommend the "Eco Karve" printing blocks that are 100% recycled rubber from Dharma Trading. You can order them HERE.


Just apply your artistic endeavor, reveal the gift-giving goodness, and wrap up your special things for loved ones without contributing to those scary facts you just read.



We are excited to be getting into the holiday season, and hope you are too!

Don't let non-recyclable single-use fluffer get in the way of sharing some joy with loved ones close and far.