Styling your Shag or Mullet for a Wedding or Other Formal Event

A couple weeks ago we got a DM asking us if we had any tips on how to style a shag or mullet for a formal event!

While I was happy to throw out some tips off the top of my head, I figured it would make a great blog post!

We will share some inspiration found online, from our customers and some directly from me (Ruby!)

First of all, we have to say that we think your badass haircut looks amazing no matter what you do with it- and that the concept of "formality" feels contentious. Perhaps what some folks struggle with is the amount of crown layers that can make a classic up-do look a little tricky. But fear not! There are plenty of elements to a layered cut that can be dressed up just as well as they can be dressed down.

Some Tips before Styling:

  • Start with clean hair, but if you are running low on time- or need a little touch up, use Dry Shampoo.
  • Prep your hair with Shag Spray to accentuate romantic waves and curls without frying your hair with a curling iron.

Let's dive right in with:

Hairstyle #1: A Deluxe Headband

One of my all time favorite ways to elevate & polish up a look is a nice headband. I personally love ones that are padded, adding a bit of volume. They are usually more comfortable than hard plastic ones too! All three of these headbands are made by Hello Darling, in Canada. The far left and middle photos are theirs.

I find that these are especially conducive to dressing up a shag because they mimic the height of the crown layers, while supplying some glam to the look. This is also an excellent option for those with shorter haircuts, like mine, that might not be able to braid and pin as much. Check out velvet or satin options!


Hairstyle #2: Beautiful Barrettes

All images above found on Pinterest.

Dress up your tresses with unique pins and barrettes inspired by nature. Tuck them into a braid or a bun. You can even weave two braids on either side and tuck beautiful pins in each one, glimmering in the light. I love pins from Desert Rose, a maker in slc I actually went to high school with! There are lots of etsy makers creating fun clips & such! You can also get creative yourself! Have a blank barrette that could use some fresh life? Break out that super glue and find something shiny! We used to make pins like this- should we bring them back??

One of our all time favorite looks is from our pal @lizziepeck on instagram- check out this pearly masterpiece. 11/10!


Hairstyle #3: Flowers in Her Hair

All images above found on Pinterest.

Similar to the barrette concept but extra romantic is the idea to tuck flowers or ferns into your hair. Whether it's into a braid, a loose up-do, or just scattered around like the middle image above- we think it's lovely.

Here is a photo of @dirtypaws on instagram that I drew on to illustrate a concept I would love to see! Little blooms all tucked into the braids- keeping the swooping shaggy bangs up top.

Hairstyle #4: BB Buns!

This one could certainly be dressed up even further by tucking in flowers, barrettes, or a headband! A lot of these hairstyles can easily be stacked and combined with one another. I found this one via Refinery 29. All photos are by Lexy Lebsack & Molly Cranna.

This particular hairstyle could look very "cutesy" on shorter hair with the right outfit- or more loosely done on longer locks for a romantic feel. I would love to see someone add flowers to this look!


Finally- here are some lovely formal looks from our lovely customers!

 @meanderingale is on the right and left for NYE, while @wigglyfiggly is in the middle at her sisters wedding!

And here are some other ideas from y'all!

"I love a french twist of some sort!!"

"I hand style my mullet and diffuse on low till 60% dry, then douse it in Vetiver Shag Spray!"

"It depends on how formal it is, but usually a french twist!"

"Barrettes and braids!"


I hope that was helpful to some of you. As always, thanks for being here and if you try any of these hairstyles out, or wear your shag to a formal event, please tag us or send us pictures!!!

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