Carbon Offset Results from Cloverly

We've been using Cloverly for a few years now for our Carbon Offsets.

Essentially, you can choose to invest in carbon capturing projects every time you get a Shag Spray or any other fabulous product sent to you!

"Cloverly empowers both the businesses that buy and the businesses that supply carbon removals and credits by providing trust, access, and ease to scale meaningful impact."

Below are just a couple years of the impact that we have collectively created.




In just two years, over 6.24 Tons (over 12,000 lbs) of Carbon have been offset.



Above are some of the projects in which the offsets are distributed.


HERE are some of the other projects Cloverly is involved in.


Thank you to everyone who opts in for Carbon Offsets!

We are happy to show the results of what happens when we all pitch in,

just a little bit.



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