SBBC (Small Business for Big Change)

What is SBBC?

SBBC, or "Small Businesses for Big Change" 
is an ever-growing collective of small business owners who are:
-dedicated to making your dollar count towards real change
-passionate about sustainable & Earth-minded products
-committed to eco-responsible business practices and approaches

How do we help small businesses make big changes?

By establishing easy and customizable "Pay Back to the Planet Programs"
SBBC empowers business owners who are ready to join a like-minded community
in taking a step towards more environmentally sound practices.

These programs focus on:

-reducing waste
-reusing packaging
-donating money to organizations actively working 
to reverse the damage done by decades of plastic disposal
We believe that working together towards a unified goal is the best way to make an impact-
for the organizations we partner with, 
as well as for each other.
Working in community provides an opportunity
to offer support, wisdom & council.
Through this exchange of ideas and experience, 
we encourage each other's development 
and the continued innovation of sustainability practices.
In 2021 - we collectively raised $3K+ for organizations supporting healthy bee habitats,
ocean conservation, reforestation efforts, and more.
In 2022 - we collectively raised $3.5K+ for organizations fighting for Black Food Justice, keeping abortions safe and legal,
supporting water rights and facilitating the return of land to indigenous women.
Our members total seven as of 1/23.
The members of SBBC are:
- Ruby of Rabbit Brush
- Taylor of Terra Stoma
- Samantha of APT Herbals
- Taylor of Mama Mangos
- Corey of EZ Herbs
- Crystal of Libertine ATX
We are so excited to keep up this good work in 2023, to keep growing and expanding our efforts.
Thank you for being a part of the journey, and if you know someone with a small business who might be a good fit for our programs, feel free to email us at or DM us on insta @sbbc_community.
Make sure to follow us on Instagram @Sbbc_community