Meet the Makers!

Rabbit Brush makes non-toxic, cruelty free hair care. But we also carry lots of natural & handmade items by other wonderful makers!
All of the items we sell on our site come from women-owned, small businesses that are environmentally conscious & free of toxins.
Here is a bit about their stories <3

Terra Stoma: Small Batch Holistic Beauty

"Terra Stoma was born out of a desire to care for others and a deep love of creating.
​The name literally translates to "Earth Gate" and represents the continual exchange we have with each other & the living world around us.
​It is an invitation or opening, through which we have the ability to connect more deeply with ourselves and with the Earth.
​everything I create is in service to this.
​True Beauty is a holistic practice; one that begins from the inside.
​For this reason, these heartfelt offerings range from luxurious body-care products & clean cosmetics, to quality herbal medicine & wellness consultations.
​We are all worthy of feeling safe & seen. We all have a right to feel good in our bodies. Each product is made to help cultivate a feeling of safety & ownership within ourselves.
​Terra Stoma is for everyone. Real products for Real people."

Learn more about Terra Stoma & see their full line of products HERE!

gatherwise: seed to bottle skincare

"Gatherwise skincare is handcrafted by me, Melissa Fuller, esthetician and herbalist, using both of these skills to integrate potent plant medicine and natural ingredients for optimal health benefits for your skin. All products are made on my farm on the outskirts of Portland, Or. This really is a line of skincare made for everyone.
I make all my products by hand in small batches for optimal quality with intention, plant medicine and love. I infuse all my products with purposeful plants to help soothe and balance the skin’s natural healing cycle. Each item is formulated with the intention to heal, soothe, restore and regulate your skin. By working with the plants own healing purpose we can help your skin regulate the balance it needs with simple yet effective products. All of the gatherwise products are free of preservatives, dyes, and harsh chemicals. I use locally-sourced organic and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, and firmly believe that these products are unique and helpful in our daily lives.
Everything I offer is brought to your skin with care and quality. The plants I use are wildcrafted whenever possible and otherwise from organic suppliers and good quality sources.
This is what I want to give my community, a plant infused daily skincare for all people, for those sensitive skin folks, earth conscious, locally/community minded, quality driven, passionate and lovers of all things beautiful.
I hope these products find you. Connect with me. Let’s figure out what the plant medicine around us can do for you."

Learn more about gatherwise & see their full line of products HERE!

Rowsie Vain: creating earth-grown solutions for unapologetic self love

Pronounced: /rōzē/vān/
ROWSIE: noun;
wild + raw botanical skincare and scent therapy, with an au naturel and minimalist approach to beauty. Inspired by native rituals for modern skin, connecting oneself with nature, and creating earth-grown solutions for unapologetic self love.
VAIN: adjective;
having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth; self-loving, in love with oneself, self-admiring, self-regarding, self-obsessed

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