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Our two best sellers, Shag Spray & Dry Shampoo bundled together to give you big, healthy hair.

Please read entire description before purchasing.

Shag Spray Details:

"Fine hair savior!

I have always struggled with finding products that gave my flat, fine hair body, texture, and shape without either weighing it down or making it stiff. Shag spray has transformed my routine and allowed me to toss into my hair for an everyday look that makes me finally love my hair." - Emily K

Create waves, enhance curls & add volume. Apply to damp or dry hair generously and tousle!

Dry Shampoo Details:

An everyday staple!
Apply to greasy roots in between washes for an instant volume boost! Earth Clays absorb excess oil & enhance body, with a touch of shimmer for a gentle luster.
Dip in one of our brushes (or your fingertips), and apply to roots, crown of the head, and behind the ears. Tussle and brush through to distribute, & follow with Rabbit Brush Shag Spray!

Our Darker Dry Shampoo was the first Rabbit Brush Product! Ruby, the founder of Rabbit Brush, had been unknowingly developing the perfect formula for her darker hair for years and had been using it on herself everyday. Made with dark brown powders like clove and black walnut hull, this powder is darker than any other Dry Shampoo. We have a guarantee that this jar will last you longer than any can of aerosol powder- or your money back!

Apply the dry shampoo with our Dry Shampoo Application Brush!

Talc Free.
Non-toxic, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Bundle up and save even more with the Dynamic Duo, The Trio or Fam Damily!


  • Vetiver is an earthy, musky scent often used in colognes. It's been described to me as "camp-firey" slightly "tobacco-y". If you have a sensitivity to scents, Lavender is a lighter, more clean floral scent.
  • these products contain ethically sourced mica, making them sparkle. Most of the sparkle does not show on your hair, but there is an option for you to omit the sparkle :)

Shag Spray Ingredients:

aqua (water), magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), dead sea salt, grain alcohol, vetiver or lavender essential oil, mica pigment

Ingredients in the Darker Dry Shampoo Recipe:
cocoa*, arrowroot,* cornstarch*, clove*, cinnamon*, black walnut hull* & mica pigment.
Ingredients in the Lighter Dry Shampoo Recipe:
arrowroot*, kaolin*, cornstarch*, calendula* & chamomile* powder, lavender essential oil*, zinc oxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Aliya Ratliff

Dynamic Duo

Ok but wouldn’t order again

The powder is too light for my hair—stained my scalp a bit but came off with rubbing. I don’t have a powder brush, so I have to buy one. wish it would just come with a mini one in all bundles. I’ll finish the dry shampoo, but probs wouldn’t buy again. The spray smells really nice (rose cedar) but haven’t noticed more volume in my hair. Using mainly for smell at this point. Regardless, It’s nice that these products are natural and healthy

R. E.

I love the salt spray and the dry shampoo! The spray smells incredible - I want to wear it as perfume! Love the mica sparkles!

Ivi Jones
Love these products!

I have a lot of wavy/curly hair and I find myself needing a freshening up every once in awhile that doesn’t involve a full style. I love the shag spray to refresh my curls and personally noticed reduced frizz after I used it. I also really loved the dry shampoo though if you work out consistently the cocoa powder aspect will leave your scalp a little brown from your sweat mixing with the dry shampoo. I loved both products and will be repurchasing.

Susan P
Smells Great & No White Roots

I like both the shag spray (cedar rose) and the dry shampoo (darker). The shag spray smells great, and is as helpful for my fine, slightly bendy hair as any salt spray is. That is to say, I was hoping it would be more amazing than the spray I make myself (also with a combo of Epsom & sea salts), but it's about the same. The dry shampoo, however, is different from others I have used (I've never made my own dry shampoo) in that it is NOT white--no grayish looking roots! The dry shampoo is maybe not as gritty (and volume building) as other powders I've used, but it is an effective oil absorber. Also, I really appreciate the sustainable packaging (glass bottle and glass jar--both could be cleaned and reused or recycled) and shipping material (minimal, just enough, cardboard & paper, no plastic). If I decide not to make my own spray again, I would definitely buy the shag spray refill because it is the most environmentally friendly version I've seen (and it is an effective salt spray & smells great). And I anticipate wanting to continue to use the darker dry shampoo along my part line--I really love the mattifying effect with no white/gray residue. But I might still use other powders on under layers for the body & texture it offers. All said, I'm really glad Rabbit Brush Goods exists. I'm always grateful for businesses who make great products in environmentally responsible packaging.