Commitments to Racial & Social Justice

Let's be honest-

over the last couple years we've seen a lot of little black squares, some appropriate hashtags, but perhaps a lack of serious commitment to social and racial justice from companies & corporations.

We strive to walk the walk, and I'm happy to take the time to break down how exactly we do that.

Monthly Contributions

We have been making monthly contributions to National Bail Out since June 2020.

"The National Bail Out Collective coordinates the Mama’s Day Bail Outs, where we bail out as many Black Mamas and caregivers as we can so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families where they belong!

The National Bail Out Collective also provides fellowship and employment opportunities for those we bail out in order to support their growth and create a national community of leaders who have experienced incarceration.

We also work with groups across the country to support ongoing bail reform efforts and create resources for organizers and advocates interested in ending pretrial detention." - National Bail Out website.

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We have also been giving monthly contributions to Byp100 since June 2020.

"We mobilize through building a network focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy, and education. Our membership core believes in the principles of decision making, radical inclusivity, and is building a Black politic through a Black, queer, feminist lens."

In April of 2022, we switched our contributions from Byp100 over to Don't Shoot Portland, to support local organizing.

"Don’t Shoot Portland is an arts and education organization that promotes social justice and civic participation. Our year-round programming allows us to advocate for community members facing racism and discrimination by providing legal representation and direct advocacy. Since our inception in 2016, Don’t Shoot Portland has hosted its own dialogues, community forums and workshops focusing on history, archiving and social culture. The art proponent of our work acts as a communicative tool to facilitate discussions about race in America while providing educational assets to those most affected by discrimination in public policy."

One-time Donations

We have donated multiple one-time donations for our Plastic Tax initiative with Small Businesses for Big Change.

Here is a list of the organizations we have given to but it is by no means an exhaustive list, as we also support individuals directly.

Black Visions

Working Families Party

NAFSA (Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance)

Stop Line 3

Honor The Earth

WAW (Women for Afghan Women)

Free Black Therapy

National Black Food & Justice Alliance

Above photos from the National Black Food & Justice Alliance Website.

Additionally, we do our best to make these donations directly from our own profits, and only occasionally contribute a percentage of sales.


Grateful to be able to monetarily contribute to causes fighting to make a difference, and continue to learn and grow as an individual & business.

Always open to dialogue, feedback & criticism.


Thank you for being here!


Ruby at Rabbit Brush

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