Heatless Hairstyle Ideas for Shags & Mullets

We all know that heat is not our friend when it comes to maintaining healthy hair, and with spring and summer closing in, we thought it’d be helpful to share some of our favorite heatless styles!

Hairstyle #1: Pin Curls

This is one of the easiest methods, and it’s tried and true!
Though curlers were one of the most popular styling tools throughout the 70s and are considered the standard for styling shags without heat, they’re relatively uncomfortable and difficult to sleep in. Pin curls, however, are highly overlooked, and in our opinion are a far more comfortable option. Pin curls are easily customizable, as you decide how large or small you want your sections to be.
Simply wrap your damp hair in a rolling motion around your index and middle fingers from the ends of your hair up to your scalp and secure your curl with a bobby pin or clip!
Larger sections are ideal for a shag with less defined layers, while smaller and tighter sections create more of a true curl in cuts with more noticeable layers.
For mullets or shorter cuts, using bobby pins are key, especially toward the crown where layers are short and oftentimes tricky to form into a curl.
Just spray some of our Shag Spray evenly from root to tip before curling and you’ll have the classic curl of your dreams!


Hairstyle #2: Finger Waves

This is a fun option for folks with shorter hair!
Finger waves were on the rise in the 20s, and it’s still a viable method, especially for pixies and pixie mullets. They provide a timeless, elegant look that’s wearable whether you’re feeling casual or are going to a special event!
This can even work on longer hair- just create waves with bobby pins or clips using your bangs or framing layers and leave the rest down for a unique look!
We recommend utilizing our Pocket Pomade here, as it’ll help to secure the tight waves to your scalp while giving that timeless flapper hair shine!


Hairstyle #3: Head Scarf Curls

This method is not only ridiculously easy, but it can also be worn as a style itself!
It’s ideal for layered haircuts, as it works by wrapping damp hair from front to back around a head scarf (or a head band) resulting in layered curls. It creates an almost fairy-like style while it sits at the back of your head, which we think could look amazing with a few small hair accessories, like pins or even flowers (hello, spring)!

There are a couple tutorials you can watch HERE, or HERE.
If you choose to wear this one out, we recommend using our Hair Oil for added luster and to help smooth down any stubborn hairs!


Hairstyle #4: Braids, Buns & Bandanas, Oh My!

Braids and buns of any type are an obvious staple for no-wash days (like our Dry Shampoo), but I think we can all admit they get boring sometimes. Adding a bandana, head scarf, ribbons, beads, yarn or other accessories into the mix can really elevate the style!
For example:
If you have a longer shag, try weaving your headscarf or bandana into your braids! For mullets, try tying your bandana or scarf around the top of your scalp and adding tiny pigtails for a comfortable, cute style! For more creative looks, try tying off your braids or buns with yarn, twine, or even crochet chains!

photo credit from left to right, @pleasequietdown, nat +noor (whose hairclips we will soon carry!) and @2sass2furious

That’s all from us! We’d love to see if you try out any of these ideas, please tag us or dm us pictures!! (And if you need more ideas, check out our blog about styling for formal events)!

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